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Restore an ageless glow with Botox®.

Looking for the ultimate wrinkle eraser, Botox in Canton? You’ve found it. FDA-cleared Botox Cosmetic is a minimally invasive cosmetic injectable that softens moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles that develop as we age. That’s why it is often referred to as a “wrinkle relaxer.” In fact, Botox injections will not dramatically change your facial appearance.
Instead, you’ll see results that are natural looking and striking within a few days after your Botox treatment in Canton at The Spa at Atrium. The muscles in your face are simply relaxed, so you can still frown, smile or look surprised without those pesky wrinkles and creases. Plus, it helps prevent lines and wrinkles from deepening over time.
How does Botox Work?
Botox Cosmetic is a clear liquid that is injected with an ultra-fine needle into the treatment area. It uses botulinum toxin type A, specifically OnabotulinumtoxinA, to temporarily paralyze muscles. This prevents nerve signals in the facial muscles from contracting, causing the fine lines and wrinkles to relax and soften.
Once the muscles are at rest, the skin becomes smoother — creating a more natural relaxed appearance. Botox is FDA-approved, has been used for over 20 years, and is safe and very effective.

How Much Does Botox Cost?
The cost of Botox injections depends on the size of your facial muscles, the skill and experience of the injector, the number of treatment areas, the number of product units, where you live, and your desired outcome. Typically, men require more units than women because they have larger facial muscles.

Botox costs $14 per unit at The Spa at Atrium.

When Will I See Results?
It’s important to remember that Botox injections do not work instantly. When botulism toxin is injected, it takes from seven to fourteen (7-14) days to fully block the nerves that make the muscles contract, causing them to relax. In most cases, you should be able to see a slightly noticeable difference in the appearance of the treated area within the first week.
If this is your first Botox treatment, you may experience a “heavy” sensation or feelings of tightness in the treatment area. Because your muscles have been temporarily paralyzed, you likely also notice a difference in your range of expressions.

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