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Acne Treatments

Anyone can experience unwanted outbreaks of acne. It can appear on your face, back, or chest, causing you to feel self-conscious and uncertain. The professionals at The Spa at Atrium offer acne treatments that are proven to be effective at controlling outbreaks no matter where they appear. Located in Canton, Ohio, the staff at The Spa at Atrium is available to answer your questions and formulate an acne treatment plan that suits your individual needs.
Acne Treatment Q & A
Can acne be prevented?
Many people are under the impression that they can prevent acne can with proper skin care. While that is true to an extent, there are times when acne will appear no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Acne outbreaks are often caused by hormone imbalances or as an adolescent’s body begins to mature.
Acne is also possible if you have skin that is normally conducive to its appearance. If you try to keep your face too clean, the results may be worse. Washing your face more than twice a day reduces natural moisturizers and emollients your skin has that protect it from the environment. Using the right type of cleanser works wonders at controlling acne outbreaks that have to do with your skin.
What are the best treatment options for acne?
There are several ways to treat acne once you have an outbreak. The first thing to remember is to keep the skin clean and moisturized. Don’t scrub the skin or wash it too often. When you dry your face, pat it dry. Don’t wipe or scrub. It’s also important not to expose your face to a lot of different products. Stick to one or two so that your skin isn’t overwhelmed.
Microneedling, radio frequency therapy, and laser procedures are now being used to treat acne outbreaks. Changing your diet may also be beneficial. Reducing the amount of carbs and dairy products you consume may help to control acne on various areas of the body, including the face.
What are the main causes of acne?
Acne is the result of plugged hair follicles that connect to sebaceous glands throughout the layers of skin. The following can also cause acne:
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Rubbing against irritating surfaces (beards, wool, etc.)
  • Too much moisturizer
  • Scrubbing the skin during cleansing and drying
  • Hormonal imbalances (especially in teens and young adults)
Your particular skin type will also determine what causes acne outbreaks. If you are experiencing acne outbreaks that are occurring more and more frequently, discuss your treatment options with your MedSpa professional. They can answer your questions and help keep your skin free of acne and other blemishes.
*Individual Results May Vary
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